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Far East Ship Management is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Ship Management Company. We are pleased to introduce our Company “M/s. Far East Ship Management”, which is engaged in Ship Management Services since  2009

Our Company is duly approved by Director General of Shipping (Govt.of Pakistan) and issued with Recruitment and Placement Service License of Seafarers.

Far East Ship Management,  is a leading service provider for Crew Management and Sourcing of Seafarer across the Shipping fraternity. We are also a leading Service Provider in the Field of Marine Management dealing with all aspects of Marine activities.

Far East Ship Management,  was established in 2009, the Company has been promoted by some highly experienced professionals dedicated to provide the best services.

The Company undertakes the sourcing of qualified and experienced Marine officer / Engineer and crew for all types of vessels worldwide.

Within the first few years of operations, Far East Ship Management,  has carved a niche for itself in the Marine sector providing efficient and quality services which were duly admired by all Clients. This trend and legacy is still continuing with thorough professionalism adored with dignity and pride.

Our testimony to this fact is that the personnel has remained with the Company since its inception.

The Company’s sourcing department is capable of selecting and providing seasoned and qualified personnel, with good service records.

The Company places the following category of personnel, Master, Mates, Engineers, Mechanics, DP Operators, Crane Operators, Cooks, Stewards, general-purpose hands,

The Company aims to listen to its customer’s special requirements, and fulfill the same by making the best efforts and maintaining a stringent quality criteria.



Far East Ship Management, is one of the leading private crew management and manning companies in Pakistan.

Our main activities are crew management with full or partial crew.

We are at the forefront in sourcing of experienced / qualified Marine Officers / Engineers and provide ship-owners and ship managers with quality personnel management services tailored specifically to their requirements.

Our aim is to provide a quality service where our customers have total confidence in our ability to manage the human resources that we are responsible for on their behalf, leaving them the freedom to concentrate on the other aspects of ship operation, management and ownership.

We maintain an extensive database of highly selected, experienced and STCW-95 / STCW 2010 certified seafarers for various types of vessels, readily available upon request. They are screened by our expert recruiting team. We ensure screened and selected seafarers are the best in the maritime industry for their professionalism, efficiency, reliability and adaptability, not to mention, their proficiency in English language both oral and written.